Trail Guide

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Youth Leadership Opportunity!

We welcome youth ages 6 and up, to be Snail Mail Nature Trail Guides! Be a Voice for Nature!  Share your nature message to kids all around the world!

As an official Snail Mail Nature Trail Guide:

You will be featured on the Snail Mail Nature Trail website

  • Photo of you
  • Your name and where you live (only city/state/country)
  • One of your favorite animals… and what you like about it?
  • What is your nature mission? (ex. awareness about pollution, recycling, endangered species, etc…)
  • A nature poem or drawing of yours sent in on a postcard

How can I become a Trail Guide?

1. Register

2. Send a postcard with your nature-inspired poem/artwork to be featured on the Trail Guide webpage with your personal photo and nature mission.

3. You’re welcome (but not required) to post your nature art, nature writing, and nature related videos and projects online, use the hashtag #voice4nature and tag us at @snailmailnaturetrail and we will share your posts.

4. Tell us more about your nature mission and any projects you’re working on to further that mission. We can help spread the word, and share the great work you are doing!