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In a time when everything seems fast-paced, we invite children and young-adults to slow down….to a snail’s pace! In the spirit of the snail, we are encouraging participants to be unhurried and thoughtful in creating nature poetry and artwork.

MISSION:  THE SNAIL MAIL NATURE TRAIL IS A CREATIVE PATHWAY TO BUILD A HEALTHY CONNECTION AND RECIPROCAL RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE. By publishing and showcasing nature poetry and artwork from children and young-adults, we hope to inspire our future generations to act and conserve our natural world.

 WHO: TINY SEED PRESS – A NATURE-FOCUSED LITERARY ORGANIZATION. We welcome you, ALL children and young-adults, to take a walk with us down the Snail Mail Nature Trail! Please join us in a creative, global movement for young nature lovers.

 WHAT: NATURE INSPIRED POETRY AND ARTWORK ON A POSTCARD. Send us your nature-inspired poems and artwork on a postcard! Postcards can be purchased or handmade; be creative, try using the blank side of your favorite cereal box!

WHEN & WHERE: Nature inspired poems and artwork will be accepted globally

Submissions to the Snail Mail Nature Trail are FREE.

25% of the proceeds from the sale of the seasonal Snail Mail Nature Trail Journals will go to The Nature Conservancy.

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Here’s the address to send your postcards:

Snail Mail Nature Trail, P.O. Box 165, Greensboro Bend, VT 05842

We understand that postage isn’t free. And sometimes, sending mail across the world can be expensive. If you need help getting your postcard on the Snail Mail Nature Trail, please let us know by writing us here!